A visit to the PlantenTuin Esveld

Our company is located in the northeast of the village of Boskoop and can be visited freely during opening hours. The address is: Rijneveld 68 in 2771 XS Boskoop, the Netherlands

It is best to follow our route description, because car navigation systems sometimes send you in the wrong direction.


Our company has 50 parking spaces. On busy days it can happen that these are all occupied. You can then park along the street.

The nursery

The tree nursery consists of four adjacent pieces of land bordering water ditches, which are connected to one another by a total of eleven bridges. You can walk around freely here, but self-service is only allowed in our garden center. If you would like to have certain plants from the nursery, please ask one of our garden center employees for help. Most of our company is wheelchair accessible; We can also – upon request – provide a rental wheelchair.

YUME coffee and tea house

In our garden center there is also the coffee and tea house YUME, a cozy restaurant where you can have lunch or enjoy coffee with cake.

Group arrangements

For group visits, YUME and PlantenTuin Esveld have developed complete arrangements in cooperation with the local tourist office, such as a boat tour along the Boskoop tree nurseries, a guided tour of our tree nursery, a wonderful lunch in a greenhouse near Esveld are just a few of the possibilities. A nice and educational day out for groups of up to 50 people. Staff outings, family celebrations, garden club excursions or a birthday party – anything is possible. For more information, please visit the YUME website or contact us directly: www.yume-boskoop. Email to info@yume-boskoop.nl or call: 0031 * 172-450700

Lunch for groups

Groups can combine a visit to PlantenTuinEsveld with lunch. We have various lunch arrangements for groups, but you can also choose between homemade cake or a full high tea. You can find more information about lunch and other options on the YUME website: www.yume-boskoop.nl Depending on the weather, food is served in one of our greenhouses or outside on the terrace.

Guided tours, tours and readings

On request, we can organize guided tours and / or readings in our tree nursery. The maximum group size for a reading is 30 people. Guided tours are part of group arrangements, see above. However, it is also possible to book a tour without taking part in other parts of the arrangement. You can also take a boat tour through our polder. These take place on Saturdays from May to August, usually at 2 p.m. For exact times, more information and advance ticket sales, please contact YUME. The price is € 8 per person.

Rijneveld garden path

From March to October we organize a green event on the last Saturday of the month together with a few colleagues on the Rijneveld under the name “Gartenpfad Rijneveld”. For more information, please see the Tuinpad Rijneveld Facebook page.