Data protection declaration customer administration

In this data protection declaration, we give an insight into what data protection-relevant information we have, what we do with it and what we do to make this as secure as possible.

Type of data.

As part of our customer management, we have the following data from our customers:
– Surname
– Street and number
– Postal code
– residence
– country
– phone number
– Email-address
– VAT identification number (only companies in the EU)
– Inclusion in the mailing file yes or no. If so, an entitlement is available.
The above information was provided by the customer himself in each case.

The following data is available, all of which are the result of orders, requests for quotations, and the like:
– Order history
– Offer history
– Invoice history
– Payment history (we do NOT save any bank account numbers)

Use of the above data

We use the above data for the following purposes:
– Maintaining customer contact
– Execution of orders, creation of delivery notes, invoices, offers and the like
– Carrying out financial management, possibly sending reminders and the like
– Provision of data to the tax and customs administration, municipal institutions, the accountant and the like, if this is required by law or by the authorities
– Sending newsletters to customers who have registered for it. The option to unsubscribe is available with every newsletter.
We NEVER give the data to third parties unless the law forces us to do so.

Where and how do we save your data?

The vast majority of data is stored on our own local network. This network is (of course) protected with a password. In order to be able to access the data relevant to data protection, a password is required again, i.e. double password protection. Your name and address data will only be saved on the website if you have registered in the webshop. This data file is encrypted and stored on the Internet.

View, change and delete data

Upon request, you can view your own registration on the website and ask us to change this information or remove it from this file.

The data in our administration can also be sent to you on request and of course you can add and change data. Removing or changing is not possible in all cases. For example, financial management data required to maintain validity cannot simply be removed or changed. Data that must be legally kept cannot be deleted or changed.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy, you can contact us at any time.