Deposit amounts for packaging materials

The tariffs mentioned are subject to change.

You will be reimbursed the deposit amounts you have paid, provided the packaging material has been returned to us free of charge and undamaged. It is not possible to give the shipping company the packaging material directly as return freight: it would not reach us and you would in turn incur freight costs!

Please ask us only if you are not sure.

Packing typeCOST  ex. VATCOST incl. VAT
Wooden pallet (3)43.3552.45
Wooden pallet (2)32.6939.55
Wooden pallet (1)22.0226.64

Plastic crates


Low plastic crates



CC trolley0.000.00
Single plant0.000.00

Wooden pallets consist of a pallet floor plus on, two or three wooden rings on top, depending on the size of the plants in it. The size is almost always 80×120 cm. Crates are usually 30×40 cm, 4 fit exactly on 1 palletfloor.