Our plants now grown ecologically

Starting a few years ago we use an ecological way to grow all our plants, not only the Japanese maples as before. A new method, based on so-called effective micro-organisms, developed in Japan is introduced. We came to this decision on several grounds:

1. The environment

With this new method we no longer use any artificial fertilizer and also no chemical crop protection. This is a major factor in using our land and resources much more ecologically sound in the long term.

2. Vitality.

By creating with this new method a natural balance in the soil the root system becomes much more healthy and much better resistant against agressive funghi. Especially the funghi in the soil were in the last few years a major problem, which could not be effectively controlled by traditional methods. Regrowth in spring after planting out in the open ground was in several cases quite poor. By producing a much healthier plant this problem will be solved.

3. Consequences.

Of course this change has consequences. Because the plant gets much less nutrients, especially nitrogen, the development of the plant and leaves is less vigorous and more compact. Also the leaf colouring becomes much more intensive and the root system is a lot better. In short, a much healthier plant but also a smaller plant is produced. Our plants are not as vigorously grown as they used to be, but will be able to withstand much better any attack by funghi and other diseases.About the use of these Effective Micro-organisms much more information is available on the website of www.agriton.nl.

This is for us the last step on the road to a fully ecological nursery. It took several years of research and development to prepare the nursery for this step and also take the necessary further steps in the near future to achieve this goal: a nursery that produces good quality plants in an ecologically sound way that does not interfere with the balance of nature.